Sunday, 16 November 2008

OMG I gave in ...

... and bought some Christmas cards today. I can't believe I did that, it's goes against my principles to buy cards of any sort but I'm just too way behind to make enough before the end of November. I'm putting it down to the move, changing jobs etc I just didn't have any spare time between July and October.

I have made a few Christmas cards over the past week which I'm pleased with and made a few birthday and general cards for December. Rather pleased with this one which I made for a friend who was 60 last week:I made a large 60 in Word and printed it off on card, cut it out and stuck it on the background paper and then stuck lots of gorgeous little Prima flowers on the numbers. Added some Stickles glitter glue and voila. Made similar 50 cards for my sister and my other sister's cardmaking friend.
Happy birthday today to my sister Margaret and to my good friend Linda. Hope you're both having a great day.

I can't believe that I've only been working in school for 2 weeks. It's gone so quickly, no two days are the same, every day is busy and often we're doing 2 or 3 things at once but it's great - I'm loving my new job. I'm starting to get used to working part-time too and to David being down in London 2/3 days a week. Even getting used to zipping about in the car, I left David watching sports on TV yesterday afternoon whilst I went to Mum's to wait in for her and my brother's Asda delivery and made us all some shepherds pie, then after that drove to my brother's to deliver his shopping as he's poorly with the flu at present. Popped to the shops on the way home too! I feel great having a little bit of independence and am getting better at parking (one thing I always hated doing and was anxious about).

On a downside, I'm getting old (or it feels like it) LOL. Had my eyes tested a couple of weeks ago and am getting veri-focals - knew something was amiss when I had to take my present glasses off to read! Our new glasses should be ready sometime this week.

That's it for now, thanks for looking in and please do leave a comment if you're able, I never know who's reading this otherwise {{{HUGS}}}

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Blimey lots to update you on

Yoohoo, hello there - blimey I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted - sorry about that. You'll all be wondering where we are, but we're here, just been busy.

Since I last posted, I left my London job on 22nd October (and received some lovely gifts and card, and my boss gave a touching speech - thanks Meg); went to school on the 24th at my own request for a few hours so I'd have an idea of the job I'd be doing; and we've had a week's break.

It was David's birthday on the 28th and Mum's on the 29th - so we had two days of celebrations. Here are their cards I made, somewhat hurriedly as I was so behind.
On the 30th I drove with David to Soham, Cambs for me to visit Capture the Magic. I normally buy crafty stash from them online but thought it'd be nice to visit their warehouse. Blimey it's massive and I spent a good hour looking round and ummmmmm filling a basket :) Spent quite a bit but as I didn't go to the craft show at Alexandra Palace in London end of September, I thought I deserved a bit of a spend up.

Charlotte (aged 13), the grand-daughter of a resident here came round Friday afternoon to craft with me and we had a great time. It was also good for me to be around a youngster what with working in a school. I managed to actually make some Christmas cards - 10 of them - and Charlotte make some and a few other cards so we were both pleased.

Well, it's been a very busy week at work this past week but I've enjoyed it. It doesn't seem possible that I've now worked my first week at school in the office. It is part-time - 25 hours a week - but it hasn't seemed that way, the time has just flown. The office is so busy that even on Friday when I worked 9 - 5 pm it didn't drag at all. The other ladies in the office are lovely and so friendly and helpful - it felt I'd been there ages, even though I have so much to learn. The hardest is getting to know the teachers and their names and the pupils and get to know my way around the school - I've now found a map which is helping :) On Friday we aslo booked our Christmas get together - just the office staff - and it's at one of my favourite restaurants on the cliff top, I'm well pleased. We'll be eating out on the evening of the 19th our last work day before the Christmas break.

David was down in London Monday to Wednesday but I was fine - so pleased about that. My brother came over Monday evening and I cooked him dinner. It's so great having family near by, and I received numerous phone calls asking how I was.

David and I have booked some events at the Marina Theatre here mostly for next year but one is a Christmas Spectacular on the evening of the 6th December which we're really looking forward to. When I was working till 4.30 pm on Wednesday I could hear the school choir, can't wait till they start singing Christmas hymns and carols and I can get tickets to the school concerts - ooooh I'm excited already LOL

I managed to make some cards this afternoon, the birthday and general cards for this month, and this evening some Christmas cards. I've still got many many more Christmas cards to make but feel better knowing I've made a few. I really hope I feel up to making some during the week.

Mum and brother David are coming over for dinner and tea tomorrow so it's going to be a busy day, hope the weather is good then we can take Telford on the seafront for a while in the afternoon.

Time for bed now. Don't forget anything for us needs to be posted to our Suffolk address as we're not in London any more.
Take care, thanks for reading this - please leave me a comment or email me, would love to hear from you.