Monday, 1 November 2010

Chloe dog - my brother's beautiful greyhound

Blimey, you don't hear from me in ages then you get 3 posts in an evening!

I couldn't resist showing you my brother's dog Chloe again. My brother has had her a year now and she's really come out of herself since my brother collected her from the Great Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Kennels last October. Chloe has a lovely character and isn't shy in coming forward, she loves woofing to my David for treats and so enjoys playing with her toys:

Chloe showing off for the camera, and may be saying: "can I have another treat please?"

Playing with her favourite toy, her ted.
Holding up the door! Chloe so loves laying on her back, ready for a tummy rub whenever someone goes by!
She's such a girly dog, loves all things pink and colourful and is so dainty.

We love her to bits, especially as we can't have any pets of our own where we live :o( at least we can heap all our pet love on Chloe :o) and she laps it up. My brother says Chloe sulks if she doesn't see us when she expects to!

Items for school fayre

As promised in my post yesterday, here are photos of some items I made for the school summer fayre last term:
Stationery and cards printed off the computer.
Teapot cards with a verse and a teabag inside.
Fridge magnets which I thought would go down well with the little ones.
Bookmarks, always useful.

Post-it-note holders with a post-it-note pad and small pen inside each one, I think these were the best seller.
I enjoyed making these though didn't have much time to do them in.

Christmas kit swap

I took part in a Christmas kit swap recently where we had to send the organiser 3 kits made up of Christmas material so the receiver could make up a card from using the kit only. Having received 3 different kits in the post today I made:
I love the colours and especially the reindeer backing paper, wonder where that came from. I received 3 small buttons so thought they'd be ideal for the reindeers nose.
The cardstock had already been cut for an easel card and the gold backing paper came embossed with snowflakes. The gold paper really shimmers.
I edged the images and cardstock with red colorbox chalk ink to help make the card stand out a little.
I'm really pleased with my efforts, making Christmas cards is a bit of an effort at the moment, yet it's 1st November !!! bet get a wiggle on :o)