Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mum's poorly

Sorry I haven't been around, we took some extra time off as Mum went into hospital on Tuesday as she became poorly and when a doctor was called out it was discovered Mum's oxygen levels were very low. In hospital, where tests were carried out, we were told Mum also had a chest infection. She's now on antibiotics, steroids, a nebuliser and oxygen and is much improved from earlier in the week and hopes to go home tomorrow. We've spent the last few days visting during the afternoon and evenings, unfortunately we had to come back to London today as David has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and it's also back to work :( Whilst in Suffolk David had a problem with a tooth so we spent some time hunting out a good dentist and David is now minus a tooth and has sore gums but is much better than before.

We're hoping next month will be a much better one for us all.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Margaret and Geoff

Happy 25th wedding anniversary to my dear sister Margaret and her husband Geoff on the 27th August.

We met up with them last Friday for a celebratory meal. I made them a card depicting the colours they had for their wedding (peach):
I also made a trio hanging out of beer mats, prima flowers, adhesive pearls, metallic silver ink and silver liquid pearl. I covered both sides so if it turns in the breeze it still looks okay. The first side shows Margaret and Geoff on their wedding day and the other side are photos taken last year when they were on holiday.
To complete it I made my first ever box and covered the top with a sheet of silver anniversary scrapbook paper. I was well pleased with how it came out. I dug into my Christmas ribbons for some glittery silver ribbon and used Prima flowers and a Doodlebug silver glitter brad to finish. We also gave Margaret and Geoff a silver knife and serving slice with love knots on the ends as Margaret loves to bake rich fruit cakes.

They were over the moon with the presents.

Happy belated birthday to their son Peter whose birthday was yesterday. I can now show you the card: It's a Bank Holiday Monday here and David and I have been busy having a clear out. We dismantled a wardrobe, bookcase and chest of drawers and took those down to the recycling centre. We then got everything down from the attic (thankfully there were only cases) and David also cleared some bits and pieces from the garden so it was another trip to the dump. I think we deserve a relaxing afternoon. I might even colour in some Christmas images, can't believe I soon need to start making Christmas cards.

Take care

Card toppers/cards made

A couple of months ago I took part in a topper swap on the cardmaking forum which Carol Ann kindly organised. I made these toppers:
I received some gorgeous toppers in return but have only just got round to making them into cards:
I was pleased with how they turned out.

I also made three other cards on Saturday with some die cut flower decoupage. I glittered the flowers but you can't really see it in the photo. I used K&Co background paper on these cards and some gorgeous lace.
Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At long last ...

... I've been meaning to show you these for simply ages. I made them for a scrapbooking competition on the cardmaking forum back in May I think it was. I then framed them in separate LO clear wall hangings and gave them to my sister. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the completed wall hangings but here are photos of the LOs. I won a prize for the wedding one:I can't wait to show you my new craft area. I've never had a craft area before. We have odd shaped rooms in our house and so I had to make do with putting things on bookcases, in and on top of wardrobes etc. Although we still only have a one bedroom property (a bungalow) I have a corner of the bedroom and am so pleased with the result. David loves it as much as I do :o) I can't wait to do some proper crafting, so far we go up with a car load of stuff from the house each weekend and that's about all we get chance to do. Still both properties look rather tidy and the house is looking particularly empty now. We just hope that before Christmas we'll be in the bungalow permanently rather than coming down to London for work and sleeping in the house. Positive thoughts and fingers crossed please.

Anyway here is my crafty corner:Not sure how long it'll stay that tidy for, especially when the PC goes up :o)

Thanks for reading this, take care

Monday, 18 August 2008

Thanks so much

to those of you who sent me birthday cards. I received the most gorgeous cards including many handmade ones from my lovely cardmaking and scrapping friends. We had a good day Friday, popped over to Mum's where she watched me open my cards and packages then in the afternoon my sister and her hubby arrived from Cheshire and later that evening we all went out for a meal. Afterwards it was a stroll along the promenade and a quick trip in the arcade to use up some 2p pieces so not a bad day.

Unfortunately besides the buyer let down earlier last week we now have another problem. We cannot get satellite in our new home due to trees at the back (which we are unable to cut down). It's very disappointing as David loves watching sports and we can only subscribe to NASN (National American Sports Network) via Sky and Virgin Cable. Unfortunately cable is not in our area either, that's the trouble with living in the country.

Troubles seem to come in threes and there's one at David's workplace, so we're hoping things will start to improve for us now, fingers crossed huh?

May be I'll be able to do some crafting when we go East this weekend.

Take care

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Gutted :( :(

Oh I am so disappointed, we've just had an email from our estate agents to say that our buyer has pulled out :( he had his mortgage but decided that it would be too much of a financial commitment. To say we are disappointed is an understatement, now we have to start all over again trying to sell the house all over again :(

We will still continue with our move to Suffolk but will use our house as a working home during the week.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Woohoo - so excited

Yay, we are so very excited we have a buyer for our house. He put in an offer last Tuesday which we accepted and it's now in the hands of the solicitors. Fingers crossed the survey when it's done is fine then it's all steam ahead. It's greating seeing the "sold STC" on the estate agents website.

Been busy packing for our weekend trips to East Anglia. Our new home is taking shape and it's just lovely being near the coast, only 5 minutes from the beach and not far from the Broads. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to rent this bungalow in such quiet and tranquil surroundings. The great thing too is it's only 15 minutes drive from Mum. She is so happy we'll soon be near her permanently.

Haven't done any crafting for a few weeks now :( but I'll be packing my stash up this week as we hope to take it up to our new home on Friday. I'm real excited.

Take care, will try and update you soon.