Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At long last ...

... I've been meaning to show you these for simply ages. I made them for a scrapbooking competition on the cardmaking forum back in May I think it was. I then framed them in separate LO clear wall hangings and gave them to my sister. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the completed wall hangings but here are photos of the LOs. I won a prize for the wedding one:I can't wait to show you my new craft area. I've never had a craft area before. We have odd shaped rooms in our house and so I had to make do with putting things on bookcases, in and on top of wardrobes etc. Although we still only have a one bedroom property (a bungalow) I have a corner of the bedroom and am so pleased with the result. David loves it as much as I do :o) I can't wait to do some proper crafting, so far we go up with a car load of stuff from the house each weekend and that's about all we get chance to do. Still both properties look rather tidy and the house is looking particularly empty now. We just hope that before Christmas we'll be in the bungalow permanently rather than coming down to London for work and sleeping in the house. Positive thoughts and fingers crossed please.

Anyway here is my crafty corner:Not sure how long it'll stay that tidy for, especially when the PC goes up :o)

Thanks for reading this, take care

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Jean Armstrong said...

Wow I love your little crafting area. So well organised and i'm sure you'll prefer it much more to working on the bed with a table pulled up to the side. Still happy times making cards where ever in the house. Take care Love Neice Jean xxx