Monday, 18 August 2008

Thanks so much

to those of you who sent me birthday cards. I received the most gorgeous cards including many handmade ones from my lovely cardmaking and scrapping friends. We had a good day Friday, popped over to Mum's where she watched me open my cards and packages then in the afternoon my sister and her hubby arrived from Cheshire and later that evening we all went out for a meal. Afterwards it was a stroll along the promenade and a quick trip in the arcade to use up some 2p pieces so not a bad day.

Unfortunately besides the buyer let down earlier last week we now have another problem. We cannot get satellite in our new home due to trees at the back (which we are unable to cut down). It's very disappointing as David loves watching sports and we can only subscribe to NASN (National American Sports Network) via Sky and Virgin Cable. Unfortunately cable is not in our area either, that's the trouble with living in the country.

Troubles seem to come in threes and there's one at David's workplace, so we're hoping things will start to improve for us now, fingers crossed huh?

May be I'll be able to do some crafting when we go East this weekend.

Take care

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