Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's been a long time ...

... and we have been through the mills literally.  David's treatment of 3 sessions of chemo (a week spent in hospital on 24 hour chemo and 2 weeks off x 3 sessions); and then 30 radiotherapy/6 chemo sessions knocked us for 6.  David finished his treatment end of December but is still suffering :(  Although David was given the all clear for head/neck cancer from his CT scan in April David cannot eat normally, he is just beginning to swallow a little liquid orally.  Everything goes through a stomach tube which he has had in since November, even his tabletes which I have to crush with a pill crusher.   It will take some time for David to regain his strength, he goes to hospital every fortnight to see a Speech and Language specialist for his swallowing and we see an oncology team every month or so to make sure all is okay.

Unfortunately David has chronic back pain and this is hindering his progress.  We are awaiting a bone scan date as we have been told by our local doctor that there could be a "hotspot" between L3 & 4.  We pray that this is just a terrible back problem and not anything more serious.  David has been through enough this past year.

On a nicer note have a cottage booked down in Somerset for August so are praying that David will feel well enough to travel and can enjoy a few days away.

Thanks for being here and reading this update, hope to keep you informed more regularly and now I'm making cards again I will try and remember to post them here.  You can always find me on Facebook as I try and keep my wall updated for friends and family.

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