Saturday, 12 July 2008

Hello again

I must apologise yet again for not posting on here. It's been a weird ole week, what with having a bad head cold until Tuesday, when I finally started breathing normally again (I was soooo stuffed up yuk), and then having an offer on the house us accepting it and then him messing us about (it was a property investor) so we decided in the end to get our estate agent to tell him "forget it", we'll take our chances, be patient and wait it out until a better buyer comes along. We would love to sell the house as soon as possible though, now that we have a bungalow to rent in Suffolk - we pick up the keys next Friday - how wonderful is that? We're so excited and we're going up Thursday to do a bit of new home shopping - mainly for a new bed and a suite and recliner, oh and a seat for Mum. Mum gets a special seat as she likes high backed chairs and I know she'll be pleased to have her very own chair.

Congratulations to my nephew Matthew who passed his driving test first time last week. Here's the card I made him:
Here's the card I also made his brother Peter who passed last month first go (think I mentioned it on here last month). I couldn't show you the card then as it was entered into a competition (the theme was yellow male) on the cardmaking forum and I came third - woohoo. That cheered me up.
We have a viewer supposedly coming this afternoon to see the house. Hope he turns up, supposed to have come Thursday but changed it to today. Shame the weather isn't too good. It would be better if the sun were out but we can't have everything I guess. I'm praying and praying he likes the house and the price and puts in an offer. We've put the price down a couple of times now in the hope it attracts the right person, he's a first time buyer - so fingers crossed.

We've been decluttering the house for the past few weeks and have nearly finished. Did the kitchen cupboards and a couple of things in the living room yesterday and this morning. Went to the dump again today and have a couple of bags for the charity shop. I've never seen the cupboards look so good or empty LOL

Speak again later, thanks for looking. Take care xxx

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