Monday, 21 July 2008

New life

Where would you rather be? Me I'd rather be in Suffolk :) we picked up the keys to our new home, a bungalow, on the Suffolk coast last Thursday. We then spent the next few days shopping. The bungalow which is in a lovely quiet area is still empty but lots of new goodies are being delivered this weekend. It seemed unreal coming back down South on Sunday when we'd much rather be living in Suffolk near the coast. Mum is delighted that we'll be closer to her (15 minutes drive away).

I haven't done any crafting for a while and won't until we've taken all my craft stash up to Suffolk. We still have to find a buyer for our house :( have had a few viewers but the housing market is very bad and it's hard for buyers to get a mortgage too. Still fingers crossed we've only had our house on the market for nearly 7 weeks - it seems much longer than that!

Once we move permanently end of August (take the rest of our larger items up) Suffolk will be our main home and our house will be the place we sleep in whilst we're working - until the house is off our hands.

So, please pray we get a buyer soon.

I hope to show you soon a couple of layouts I made a while back but couldn't show you them as I've made them into wall hangings for my sister as a surprise. They're at Mum's awaiting my sister's arrival.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie.,

Good luck selling your house! Please let me have your new address..It must be really exciting and I bet you can't wait. What about your job/s? Will you find a job there? Or do you have one already planned? Best wishes,

Diane and family xxx

Heather's Creations said...

Congrats to you and David, Valerie :) So glad you have got the bungalow! just need to keep fingers crossed a little while longer, to get that sale you are waiting for :)
Hugs Heather x