Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lots to tell - poorly PC :(

Hello there, well it seems a decade since I last updated you all, but there's been so much going on I haven't had chance.

Unfortunately I have a poorly PC :( the lovely thing is my brother is a computer whizz (he part-owns a PC shop) and will be over tomorrow morning to see what's wrong with it, in return I'm cooking him breakfast :) Brother David is the best to have around, and his gorgeous greyhound Telford. Can't wait to see them tomorrow - though we did see them for a while when we visited Mum this afternoon. :( Mum isn't too well at the moment, she's on penicillin and antibiotics, her left leg is really bad: red, swollen and horrible looking. Hope the medication will help, Mum is also in a lot of pain with her back - she has Osteoporosis, I wish there was something I could do to ease her pain. If you know of anything please let us know. When Mum had brother David 37 years ago the doctor said Mum would be in a wheelchair within 5 years and she's still getting about with the aid of walkers, that's Mum's stubborness and determination.

Yoohoo we are a one home family again :) we completed on the house on Friday. What a hectic day, a few hours at work, back to the house, finished packing - just about got everything in the car (although we only had the essentials left), up to Suffolk, unpacked the car - unpacked some bags then over to Mum's to see how she was. It was a day and a half I can tell you. No money in our account yet but with it being a Friday wasn't surprising. We both had a rough night last night, I was drinking a mug of tea at 3.30 am and David sat in the living room watching TV. Hope we sleep better tonight.

I still have 3 weeks left to work so it's back down to London tomorrow late with a few nights in a Premier Inn, that'll be odd especially as it's only a 20 minute walk from our ex-house. After this week we'll be working two 3 day weeks until 22nd October so will be able to spend more time up here. We still have lots to do in the bungalow with unpacking, never realised we had so much stuff! Still we've ordered a little shed so can store some stuff in there and of course there's the attic.

I've applied for a job! It's as a part-time term time only clerical assistant/receptionist in a middle school only 10 minutes drive from here, in between us and Mum. Sounds ideal for me, I know I'm over qualified for it but don't need the stress of a more intense job and will be around for when Mum needs me. Fingers crossed huh? Went to put it in the school's letterbox this afternoon but couldn't find one so will have to post the application off recorded delivery Monday. It doesn't have to be in till the 13th but I wanted to get it done. It was fun looking at all my certificates and award letters, found a certificate I received in 1979 when I was 13 and won a prize for a poster I'd designed for Keep Beccles Tidy :) I must have been creative even then.

No crafting, what with my tennis elbow (the doctor confirmed that on Tuesday) but I need to make a few cards so might try and make at least one tomorrow before we travel back to London. How can you rest an elbow when there's things to unpack?

Anyway enough rambling, better check my emails before this PC brings up an error message.

Take care, will try and post some more next weekend :)

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