Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A new member to the family

Sorry I haven't posted in well over a month, it's been a difficult few months, not least because I was working full-time in September at school, wasn't too well within myself and needed to organise carers for Mum, plus David hasn't been well with a trapped nerve in his back going down to his leg. Never seen him in such agony, but an osteopath is helping and David is feeling much better, also myself. Mum was 80 last week so we held a party for 50 (which I organised) which went very well.

Meet a new member to the family - my brother's new dog - Chloe.

She is 2 and a half years old and a retired greyhound from the Great Yarmouth Homefinders place attached to Great Yarmouth Greyhound Stadium. Chloe hurt her leg so had to retire, but she won 7 races, and her leg is now fine.

Chloe didn't know anything about a home life even her name as her racing name was Swift Second but she's coming along great and her character is coming out. Chloe loves playing. She and my brother came over last night for dinner. We'd bought her a squeaky pink spotted bone and she loved it had little spurts of playing with it. She is sooooo adorable. We can't have pets where we live but my brother doesn't mind us heaping love on Chloe, she is so loving and affectionate and her tail never stops wagging.

Hope to make some Christmas cards soon, I am way behind even more than last year :( and write some penpal letters, sorry to those who are still waiting letters from me.

Take care and thanks for reading xxx

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Anonymous said...

Awww she is lovely, Im glad that you brother has been able to get another dog after Telford. I have visited his site and the retired greyhound site too :o)

You just write when you can, as i understand how life can be. Ive had a rough couple of months myself, but all is well now.I shall tell you all about it in my letter to you.

Hugs Heidi