Saturday, 30 October 2010

Where does the time fly?

Good afternoon. Okay, who took all my spare time? I'm sorry for not posting for such a long while, some of you will have seen me on Facebook - I enjoy farming and attending to my pet :) as I can do these whilst relaxing of an evening.

I don't seem to have made many cards this year, though will try and attach a few later. The main news is that David took early retirement in April, mainly for health reasons, it was getting difficult driving to and from London with the problems in his knees. The other major news is that I moved jobs in June. I decided to apply for a new job and the first job I applied for, was interviewed and offered it :) It is still in a school office, the hours are just slightly longer but better hours in a way as I do the same hours every day - 8.45 to 3.15 pm which is great, and I still get school holidays off. This is the school I now work in: Warren School It's a beautiful school for special children and I just love it there, it was the best move I made. I'm so looking forward to the built up to Christmas as apparently we really go all out to make it a special occasion. I will start learning British Sign Language in the New Year which I will enjoy, I've managed to pick up a few words already.

Mum has been a concern for a while but it's all in hand now and Mum is looking better than ever :) she celebrated her 81st birthday yesterday and we spent some time with her, went out for a light lunch, then 7 of us went out to dinner with Mum in the evening. A lovely day.

There really hasn't been much time for cardmaking, but I have managed to keep on top of current birthdays, anniversaries etc. Now I'm in a panic as I'm way behind with my Christmas cards. Here are a few cards I've made:

Thanks for looking will try and put up a few images of some goodies I made back in June for the school fete in July.

Take care x

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