Monday, 1 November 2010

Chloe dog - my brother's beautiful greyhound

Blimey, you don't hear from me in ages then you get 3 posts in an evening!

I couldn't resist showing you my brother's dog Chloe again. My brother has had her a year now and she's really come out of herself since my brother collected her from the Great Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Kennels last October. Chloe has a lovely character and isn't shy in coming forward, she loves woofing to my David for treats and so enjoys playing with her toys:

Chloe showing off for the camera, and may be saying: "can I have another treat please?"

Playing with her favourite toy, her ted.
Holding up the door! Chloe so loves laying on her back, ready for a tummy rub whenever someone goes by!
She's such a girly dog, loves all things pink and colourful and is so dainty.

We love her to bits, especially as we can't have any pets of our own where we live :o( at least we can heap all our pet love on Chloe :o) and she laps it up. My brother says Chloe sulks if she doesn't see us when she expects to!

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Kerryn said...

she a big greyhound!! She is adorable. I love them. They make such great pets and are great with kids. It's so sad that they are just dumped by people.