Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sorry ...

... again, I just can't seem to get motivated for anything at the moment. I'm working almost full time at present as we are one down in the office and everything is still manic there, I guess that's the norm until everyone settles down, there's so much "first of term" stuff we have to do!

I'm really sorry to my lovely friends (penpals) who haven't heard from me for a while. Please don't fret, I'm okay, just don't seem to have the chance to sit down properly and write a lovely long letter. I'll get there though, please have a bit of patience, I haven't forgotten you.

Can't seem to get motivated for cardmaking either though I'm way behind with everything, plus I've agreed to run another cardmaking afternoon for the residents here end of October and that's on my mind. Ummm, me thinks I've just taken on way too much and need some "me time". Roll on half term, saying that it's going to be a hectic week end of October as Mum will be 80 and it's David's birthday too. I've been organising Mum's 80th birthday party too, still Mum is terribly excited and it's lovely to see.

Right I'll scan in a card I made this afternoon using a sketch (to help my lack of mojo) and will put it up soon.

Thanks for listening xxx

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