Saturday, 19 April 2008

An update on us

Now that I have a blog I thought it'd be a good way of keeping our far flung family and friends updated on how things are going. I'm sorry I haven't written to my dear penpals, hopefully a letter will be winging it's way to you soon.

Life isn't too bad. I've had some Congnitive Treatment Therapy with an assessor helping me and I can actually get out at work now though using the stairs is still difficult but I'm getting there, I have to practice my goals constantly. I can also get to the park near home which is a huge step in my fight against agoraphobia and social phobia. It has been a hard struggle but I can finally see how far I've come in the last few months, thanks to my family and friends who have supported me, all those texts - they're a huge help. David is fairly well, apart from his knees. He's got teeth problems at the moment and is on penicillin and having treatment at a dentist. Mum has been in hospital a couple of times this year but at the moment is fairly well.

Work is very busy for us both. I am now PAing for another person as well as my boss, although enjoyable, it's made life extremely busy and a bit stressful. We're busy looking into moving to Suffolk to be closer to Mum, we hope to move within the next year.

Here's that other snowy layout I created recently,

and the goodies I bought from The Range on Thursday:

Thanks to Clare for explaining how to upload multiple photos.

Looks miserable outside but we have to do the weekly shopping and I hope to pop into Staples to buy some more Really Useful Boxes for my chipboard alphabets.

Will be back later!

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