Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Card sketches

Good morning from a cold and very frosty/foggy Suffolk.

Just been writing some penpal letters this morning so to my dear friends please look out for a letter from me, I've just walked to the postbox to post them - and it's sooooo cold! I'm so pleased to feel able to write letters again, it makes my life complete.

After a little fathing about last night my mojo returned and I made 4 cards! I can't show you them yet as they are for friends on the cardmaking forum but here are the sketches I created after I made the cards:

For those cardmakers looking, have fun! I'll put the cards up at the end of the week when my friends should have received them.
Right I better get ready for school, I need to be there for 11.30 today and as it's not nice out will leave at 11 am. Better to be early than late!
Take care and keep warm.

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