Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Can you believe it? 2009!!! and a Happy New Year to you all, hope this year will bring happiness and good health.

The New Year card I sent to distant family and friends:
You can't really see on the photo but there's quite a bit of glitter on it, on the clock face and star; and on the patterned paper.

We've just had the perfect two weeks, don't know where the time has gone really but it was enjoyable all the same.

Mum, brother David and his dog Telford came over for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and it was just the best having those two days in our own home with our loved ones. Christmas Day afternoon brother David and I took Telford along the cliff top whilst Mum and my David stayed and had a snooze :) Then Boxing Day afternoon the 4 of us went to the panto! It was to see Peter Pan at our local Theatre and it was great, got us all yelling :)

Oh yes earlier the first week David's company car had a problem so we took that in to our local VW dealer. That meant us using our own car which was fine with me, and as I don't like changing the seat/mirrors now I did all the driving :)

We saw the New Year in with Mum and then New Year's Day spent it there as well along with brother David and Telford. A good few days though brother David beat me at scrabble every time!

Monday afternoon Charlotte a neighbour's 13 year old came round for a crafting session and we had fun with stamps and glitter - ooops we got glitter everywhere but it was great fun.

A card I made fairly recent for a good friend's birthday at the end of December. I've managed to make a few thank you cards but have a way to go.

Wow you'll never believe what happened today? David and I met up with my penpal Rose from Australia. We've been writing for over 26 years but have never met until today. It was just fantastic meeting Rose and her sister Rach. They are over here for 4 weeks driving around visiting distant family and friends. Hoping we might get to meet up again soon if they find it's too cold to go to Scotland.

That's it for now, take care, hope to be back soon to show you some thank you cards.

Take care

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mar1ene said...

Hello Valerie :)

I've just popped on here to wish you a very happy, creative and healthy 2009.. and to thank you so much for the gorgeous christmas card that was waiting for me when we got back of holiday!

Glad to read you've had a great time!!


Marlene xx