Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Where are those cards then? LOL

Ummmm well I haven't made any cards yet. I got home from school around 5 ish and decided it was too lovely to be inside so I changed and drove to some cliffs (5-10 minute drive) for a walk, here's a couple of photos:
It's the first time I've driven there and had a walk by myself. For those that know me that's very good.

In contrast, after school on Monday lunchtime David and I drove to a lovely little town further down the coast when it was dull and blowy:
What a difference huh? Hope to do a few more of those walks, with David's bad knees he can't walk far so will sit on a bench whilst I walk :)

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Mum said...

Great photos. Lucky you to have such beautiful scenerey on your doorstep! Well done on the walk.